AR Makes Waco Trib's Quote of the Week


There is no problem between the DA and Waco police, claims AR-- except for the detective who is "subverting justice":

Our Quote of the Week comes from the Facebook posting of a former employee of District Attorney Abel Reyna, threatening someone involved with a Waco police detective’s work with undercover sources — part of why some mistrust reportedly has developed between the DA’s office and some members of the Waco Police Department: “So I know you thought that if I didn’t work for the DA that u wouldn’t have to worry bout me telling the world that u are the one that snitched on (a defendant). Well, my Bellmead allstar, it is actually quite the opposite. Now, you see, I have nothing to lose like I did before. So although I have remained silent thus far, now I want everyone to know that (you) are a snitch and set up (a defendant in the case).” District Attorney Reyna on his own Facebook page insists there is no problem between his office and Waco police, then attacks a police detective “who chooses to make unfounded accusations in an effort to detract from her efforts of subverting justice.” Stay tuned.

David Corn

Snitches get stitches! Reyna for Governor!

We need full jails, not empty ones.

Innocence is no defense.

2013-02-19 10:52 am

{AR} :: AR Dismisses Cases Over Informant's Name

…ugh-on-crime AR has set a gang of alleged auto thieves free, out of what appears to be no more than juvenile spite against Waco's finest.Stay tuned for more on that "juvenile" element in the coming days...And now for some read…

2013-02-21 6:08 pm


this guy for sure has a thing about him where he is the king and noone gets to tell him otherwis or else they get it good. my kid brother got messed around by him for something he didnt do and now hes lost his life to the system becaues now he in jail for something and i dont think he did it but no one really listens and all they had was assumtions and no evidence this guy is bad news.

2013-02-22 11:12 pm